Opening of the 3D Innovation Center

By | September 22, 2012
Prof. Dr. Bagschik and me at the official opening of 3D Innovation Center

Prof. Dr. Bagschik and me …

Finally, the 3D Innovation Center, held by Heinrich Hertz Institute, was officially opened on August 28th, 2012 in presence of Bundesminister Rösler and representatives of nearly all the associated companies and  institutes, among them Prof. Dr. Bagschick, and me.

The 3D Innovation Center Berlin offers the whole cast of actors a platform and a pre-competitive environment where they

At the official opening of 3D Innovation Center …

… at the official opening of 3D Innovation Center.

can exchange views and opinions, build contacts, put their products and systems to the test and present them jointly to a diversity of target audiences.

With its 3D-Lab, the BTK is proud to be a member of that broad array of research bodies ranging from research institutes to private sector development labs, from universities to broadcasting stations, TV companies and telecoms which are engaged in planning and developing 3D production, 3D content and 3D distribution.

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