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Animation for 180° Panoramic 3D Projection

In summer semester 2014, upcoming advanced 3D.III course is solely dedicated to stereoscopic animation for the large 180° panoramic projection screen of the TiME-Lab. Due to cooperation between BTK/3D-Lab and Heinrich Hertz-Institute, again BTK students exclusively will get the chance to play around with (and within, as well) the unique and unrivalled immersive environment of TiME… Read More »

BTK/3D-Lab Exhibition in Q110

BTK/3D-Lab is presenting a large stereo-anamorphotic floor-projection which can be touchless interactively operated in real-time by the observer. Four students – Junxin Chi, Katja Hindenburg, Andreas Banholzer, Denis Stahlbaum – and I did the modelling, interaction, user interface, rendering, projection, stereoscopy, and much, much more, in a very intensive project workshop. More over, two other… Read More »

Opening of the 3D Innovation Center

Finally, the 3D Innovation Center, held by Heinrich Hertz Institute, was officially opened on August 28th, 2012 in presence of Bundesminister Rösler and representatives of nearly all the associated companies and  institutes, among them Prof. Dr. Bagschick, and me. The 3D Innovation Center Berlin offers the whole cast of actors a platform and a pre-competitive… Read More »

Sharks in Big 180° Panoramic 3D Projection

Late in the season, we are going to visit the Heinrich Hertz Institute / TiME-Lab for watching my experimental 5 minutes shark animation and some other overwhelming examples in the uniqe environment of the TiME-Lab. The acronym means Tomorrow’s immersive Media Experience: Within a 180° panoramic 3D projection you really will experience the by far most… Read More »

Virtual 180° Stereoscopic Omnicam

Recently, Jean-Claude Rosenthal, HHI / TiME-Lab, and me successfully worked together to make the virtual stereoscopic 180° round shot Omnicam for Cinema 4D completely animateable and scaleable, as well. With that, the very first CG Omnicam rig is able now to get moved around easily, or even to get shrinked down or sized up, as… Read More »

3D-Lab got Member of 3D Innovation Center

The BTK::3D-Lab is proud to be a member of the 3D Innovation Center now, hosted at Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and accompanied by some very main institutes, companies, and persons, seriously engaged in all kinds of 3D.

Stereoscopic 3D Camera Rig for Cinema 4D

Demonstration of very smooth transitions between an extreme close-up and a really large field of view – without even getting noticed by the observer. These transitions are automatically done with the Multiview Stereo-Camera-Rig for C4D which I developed for the big stereoscopic 3D animation project we made for the Berlin German Museum of Technology (resp.… Read More »

Tomorrow’s immersive Media Experience, 2nd

To the participants of the TiME-Lab Project in co-operation with Heinrich Hertz Institute, we’ll meet on Friday, June 24th, 2011, 2:00 pm in the foyer of Heinrich Hertz Institut Einsteinufer 37 10587 Berlin We’ll get a demonstration resp. explanation of what the TiME-Lab is and how it works by Mr. Kauff and Mr. Weissig; further… Read More »