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Recently, Jean-Claude Rosenthal, HHI / TiME-Lab, and me successfully worked together to make the virtual stereoscopic 180° round shot Omnicam for Cinema 4D completely animateable and scaleable, as well. With that, the very first CG Omnicam rig is able now to get moved around easily, or even to get shrinked down or sized up, as you like, to achieve much more depth in space than would ever be possible in reality, i.e. using any real cam rig, until now.

Virtual Omnicam-Rig for Cinema 4D

Virtual Omnicam-Rig for Cinema 4D

Next, we are going to do some hard core examinations regarding the functionality of the virtual Omnicam rig, and to add a few enhancements to the user interface. Stay informed if you want to see the amazing results with your own eyes very soon …

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