3D project »Gustrau«

By | September 21, 2016

Soon in the Gustrow’s Uwe Johnson Library there will be quite a special piece of 3D art to marvel at: Digital & Interaction Design student Katja Hindenburg provided a 3D-model, a stereoscopic town view of »Gustrau« based on the well known copperplate, a bird’s view of 1706. Besides, she was supported by Achim Bahr, lecturer in Virtual Space and leader of the BTK 3D-Lab in Berlin.

3D lenticular of »Gustrau«

3D lenticular of »Gustrau«

2 semestres they fiddled on this project. Now the picture was printed as a lenticular so that it can be seen three-dimensionally without additional aid, like glasses. The print was thankfully sponsored by Kunst- und Altertumsverein Güstrow e.V. and by Wohnungsgesellschaft Güstrow as well.

On the 8th of October, the picture will get introduced at 10 a.m. by Jürgen Schmidt, manager of the WGG. Also, young graphics artist Katja Hindenburg and supervisor and 3D pioneer Achim Bahr will be present at the opening.

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