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Siegfried Wagner: Bayreuths Erbe aus andersfarbiger KisteAccompanying our exhibition in the Berlin Gay Museum, Siegfried Wagner. Bayreuths Erbe aus andersfarbiger Kiste (which means something like: Siegfried Wagner: Bayreuth’s ‘Fairy’ Crown Prince), a new publication of the same title, edited by Peter P. Pachl and me, was published: Siegfried Wagner: Bayreuths Erbe aus andersfarbiger Kiste.

The book comes with 100 pictures and is contributed by Achim Bahr, Julia Bertschik, Kevin Clarke, Roland Dippel, Nikolai Endres, Sven Friedrich, Eckart Kröplin, Peter P. Pachl und Dorothea Renckhoff.

By the way: Godfather of Siegfried Wagner was the Bavarian King Ludwig II who built Neuschwanstein castle.

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